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Townsend Transport Trivia Adventure

By 25/01/2024Blogs

Objective: Learn about Townsend Buses, NDIS provider services, and safe special needs transport through an interactive trivia game.

Materials Needed:

  • Flashcards or digital device for trivia questions
  • Small prizes for winners (optional)

Game Instructions:

  1. Preparation:
    • Create a set of trivia questions related to Townsend Buses, NDIS provider services, and safe special needs transport. Include facts about the company, safety protocols, and features of special needs transport.
  2. Boarding Passes:
    • Prepare boarding passes for each student with a unique number or code. These will be used to keep track of their progress in the game.
  3. Seat Assignment:
    • As students enter the bus, hand them a boarding pass and direct them to their seats. Each seat will have a trivia question or a clue related to Townsend Buses, NDIS, or special needs transport.
  4. Trivia Questions:
    • As the bus begins its journey, students can take turns answering the trivia questions on their boarding passes. The questions can be multiple-choice or open-ended.
  5. Interactive Elements:
    • Incorporate interactive elements such as short videos or demonstrations related to bus safety and special needs transport. For example, demonstrate the use of safety features or discuss how the NDIS supports individuals with special needs.
  6. Route Challenges:
    • Introduce route challenges at various stops. These challenges could include solving a riddle related to special needs transport or identifying safety features on the bus.
  7. Prizes and Recognition:
    • Award small prizes to students who answer the most questions correctly or demonstrate exceptional knowledge about Townsend Buses, NDIS services, and special needs transport.
  8. Discussion Time:
    • Reserve some time at the end of the game for a group discussion. Encourage students to share what they’ve learned and discuss the importance of safe and comfortable transport for individuals with special needs.
  9. Feedback Form:
    • Provide students with a feedback form to gather their thoughts on the game and any additional questions they may have about special needs transport or Townsend Buses.

This interactive trivia adventure not only makes the bus journey enjoyable but also educates students about the essential aspects of Townsend Buses, NDIS provider services, and the significance of safe and comfortable special needs transport.


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