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Townsend Buses’ Awards and Recognitions in Public Transit

By 15/03/2024Blogs

Providing excellent public transportation services that keep Australia moving is our goal at Townsend Buses. Although our greatest pleasure is seeing our passengers happy, we’re also honoured to have organisations and leaders in the industry recognise our dedication to quality. Come along as we celebrate the honours and recognitions that Townsend Buses has received for our services to public transportation.


Australian Public Transport Association (APTA) Awards

Remarkable accomplishments and innovations in the public transportation sector are honoured by the APTA. In recognition of our commitment to provide communities all around Australia with dependable and customer-focused transportation services, Townsend Buses has received numerous APTA awards over the years. Awards like “Best Customer Service” and “Excellence in Safety Initiatives.”

Green Transport Awards

For our efforts to lower emissions, encourage eco-friendly behaviours, and invest in alternative fuel technology, we received numerous Green Transport Awards as champions of sustainability and environmental stewardship. With sustainable transit solutions, these accolades demonstrate our dedication to building a greener future for all Australians.

Regional Transport Excellence Awards

Townsend Buses has won multiple Regional Transport Excellence Awards in appreciation of its contribution to delivering vital transportation services to outlying and rural areas. And by bridging the gap between urban and regional transportation networks, these awards recognise our efforts to increase rural inhabitants’ mobility and connectedness.

Customer Choice Awards

Our customers are the centre of everything we do at Townsend Buses. We’re very pleased of the Customer Choice Awards that were awarded to us for their determined by the opinions and judgements of our passengers. These honours serve as a testament to our dedication to providing outstanding customer care and convenience on every trip.

Workplace Safety Awards

At Townsend Buses, safety is our first concern, and we are proud to have received Workplace Safety Awards in recognition of our efforts to provide a safe working environment for our contractors and staff. Our continued dedication to guaranteeing the safety of every person who travels with us or works for us is reflected in these honours.


Our hearts are full of appreciation for the support of our customers, staff, and communities as we consider these awards and recognitions. We are devoted to continuing our path of excellence in public transportation, and each award is a testimonial to the effort, commitment, and passion of the whole Townsend Buses team. Thus, we appreciate your participation in this journey– here’s to many more honours and recognitions in the years to come.


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