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Strewth! Don’t Wreck Your Crickey Mornin’! Get Your Kids on a Fair Dinkum Bus with Townsend!

By 23/04/2024Blogs

Listen up, cobbbers! We all know the struggle of gettin’ the little tackers to school on time, especially when the budgie smugglers are clingin’ to ya like a koala in a gum tree. That’s where Townsend Buses swoops in like a kookaburra on a snag – we get your crew there safe and sound, without the drama of a galah in a storm.

Safety First, Always

Here at Townsend, your kid’s safety is our top priority. We’re talkin’ the whole shebang: regularly maintained buses that look flash as a billy, drivers who are top blokes and sheilas with heaps of experience, and rules that are stricter than a dingo chaser at the races. We also have two-way radios on every bus, so it’s like havin’ a personal barbie with the driver if anythin’ goes pear-shaped.

More Than Just a Bus Ride

Let’s face it, some school buses are about as comfy as a dunny seat on a hot day. Not ours! Our buses are bonza – heaps of legroom for ya lanky larrikins, air conditioning to keep things cooler than a stubby after the arvo footy, and some even have wheelchair access, because everyone deserves a fair go!

Keeping You in the Loop

We know parents like to know where their little rippers are, so we’ve got a cracker of an app with real-time bus trackin’. No more stressin’ about whether they’re still stuck in traffic or if they’ve decided to become bush tucker hunters for the day. We also send out alerts and notifications about any changes, so you’re always in the know.

Part of the Aussie Community

Townsend Buses is as Aussie as a lamington. We’re proud to be part of the community and support our local schools and families.

Head over to our website to learn more about:

  • Our bus routes and times (no arvos off here!)
  • How to get your little tacker registered
  • Any questions you might have (don’t be a drongo, just ask!)

Don’t muck around – Townsend Buses is the fair dinkum way to get your kids to school!


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